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Commercial Endorsement

RYA Courses

We offer a fantastic range of RYA Courses delivered by our team of highly trained instructors. They are experienced, empathetic individuals who will tailor the course to your personal needs all while following the RYA syllabus. Although navigation and skippering boats is a serious business, it should be fun and it’s our ethos that you have a great time with us! 

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Commercial Endorsement

Our bespoke 'Zero to Sea-Hero' service is designed to get you commercial endorsement whether you have a little or a lot of knowledge. We have trained and guided countless students through this process. We're here to help you.

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We Go Above and Beyond

Friendly and Encouraging

There is no need to feel intimidated at Seaforce Powerboats. We only hire supportive, empathetic, and friendly staff to teach our students.

Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a reduced student : instructor ratio on some courses at no extra costs to ensure you are receiving the support you deserve throughout your course. We will adapt our teaching style to what's best for you.

Positive Environment

A refreshing atmosphere, feel the cool breeze of the Clyde in our classrooms which are floating on the river. Our staff are here to make you feel comfortable and ready to learn!

Experienced Instructors

All of our instructors have been rigorously assessed to ensure they are of the highest standard to teach you.

Customer Satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you finish your course feeling confident in the subject you chose to study. Check out some of our reviews Facebook, Tripadvisor and Google!

Excellent Location

Situated next to the Tall Ship and Riverside Museum, just off the M8. Superb transport links from all over Glasgow + Scotland. Free parking during your course.

Our Instructors

We have the most experienced instructors on the upper Clyde. Their background experience comes from the power vessels you actually use for work or pleasure. We employ full time instructors who are solely focussed on you and your course. They are highly trained, empathetic individuals who will tailor the course to your personal needs all while following the RYA syllabus. We are all about training you!


Although navigation and skippering boats is a serious business, it should be fun and it’s our ethos that you have a great time with us! Course completion certificates and certificates of competence awarded by us are valid for inland and tidal waters.

Tell Me Something Interesting 

Unique Premises

Our marine training courses are delivered from Scotlands most unique training facility. Light and airy, you literally step into our classrooms on the banks of the River Clyde which are afloat in the harbour. Outside, the boats are right there in front of you. You really do get a good maritime experience coming to us.


Our premises are staffed literally everyday of the year! We welcome you to pop in for a chat about your training requirements at an arranged time.

The Office/ Classroom/ Tea Room

Our Expertise

Our expertise is training in vessels you will navigate out in the sea, coastal, inshore and inland waters where it can all go wrong so quickly. We train in both traditional navigation and modern electronic navigational methods.


In modern times large ships basically navigate themselves around the world using automated navigation methods, but we know that isn’t the case on the boats we use.


A knowledge of rocks, wrecks and other obstructions and being a good boat handler is essential for the vessel, crew and passenger safety.

Methods of Navigation

Student : Instructor

We believe in helping you become a proficient boat handler. In order to do this most effectively we reduce our student numbers per course compared to other schools. On our powerboat courses for example, we take a maximum of 2 students out per boat per instructor. And our shorebased courses are limited to a max of 4 students per instructor enabling individual attention to assist you through the course. This gives you much more time behind the wheel and time to relax into your course. It really gives your instructor time to get to know what your personal requirements are when it comes to powerboat training.

Giving You Time

Our Final Word

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Exceed Your Expectations

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