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For direct assessment at training centre - 2 hours


When you visit other countries (in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea), you can be required to comply with that countries legislation and be asked to show the authorities a certificate of competence to operate sail, power vessels or jetskis. You will require an ICC.

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ICC Certificate Types

  • Powerboats under 10 length: Powerboat level 2 or above certificate required

  • Powerboats and motor cruisers over 10m length: Day skipper motor or above practical certificate required

  • All Sailing Vessels: Day skipper sail or above practical certificate required

  • Jet Skis: Personal Watercraft certificate of competence, Powerboat level 2 or above certificate of competence required.


To successfully obtain an International Certificate for operators of pleasure craft (Commonly known as an International Certificate of Competence - ICC)   

Next Steps

Application for ICC

If you already have an RYA sail, power or power certificate of competence obtained after undertaking an RYA course, you can apply to the RYA directly for an ICC for the vessels covered by your RYA certificate by simply filling in a special form.

Direct Assessment

​If you do not have a RYA Certificate but feel you have relevant experience and skills, you can undertake a direct assessment at a training centre on the type of vessel you wish to obtain an ICC for. On successful completion the centre will fill in a special form and you can then apply to the RYA for your ICC.

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More Info

For direct assessment at training centre - 2 hours

Student to assessor ratio is 1:1

Minimum age is 12

Have relevant licenses and be competent in own boat handling.


Legally operate or hire vessels and jet skis in other countries

Skills Gained

Ability to prove your competence when asked to, for operating boats in other countries governed by the relevant UN section 40 applicable to sailing, power vessels and jetskis.

Be prepared. 

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Quality Training

Operating 21 years

Friendly Instructors

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