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All the information you need on obtaining a commercially endorsed Powerboat Level 2 license, covering required RYA courses, medical fitness certificates, and experience prerequisites.

As a recognised RYA training centre, we are delighted to offer Commercial Endorsement for Powerboat Level 2. Explore below and find out how we can help you to achieving this milestone in your career! 

Powerboat Level 2

Parameters of the Powerboat Level 2 Commercial License

Is this the right license for you? Explore the definitive boundaries set in place with the level 2 commercial license.

The maximum distance allowed is 3 nautical miles from a designated departure point e.g. Seahouses to Crumstone Island. 

3 nautical miles

Under the UK Small Commercial Vessel Codes of Practice, the number of passengers must never exceed 12. 

12 passengers

You can operate commercial vessels up to a length of 24 meters.

24 meters

You can only operate during daylight hours. This refers to the period between sunrise and sunset. 

Daylight hours

Boaters' perceptions of 'favourable' weather vary based on factors like experience, vessel type, size, and planned route.

Favourable conditions

To sea, within 3 miles of a nominated departure point and never more than 3 miles from land, in favourable weather and daylight.

Category 6

Working beyond any of these parameters? Then you need an Advanced Powerboat Commercial License.


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In order to apply for a commercial license, you must have met the following requirements:


  • A valid ML5 or ENG1

(Please make sure your medical fitness certificate is in date. We cannot provide you with an ML5 or ENG1 medical. However, we recommend looking at the list of UK based MCA approved doctors. The average cost is around £100.)

Sea Time:

  • At least one season (minimum 100 hours) as crew or skipper on a boat

(While providing sea time evidence like a logbook is not mandatory for the Powerboat Level 2 commercial license, possessing relevant experience is highly recommended)

Minimum Age:

  • 17 years old

(Although you can take the Level 2 course at age 12, the minimum age for a commercial endorsement is 17 years old)

Commercial Endorsement Calculator

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How Much Will It Cost?

At Seaforce Powerboats, we're dedicated to making your journey to obtaining a commercial license smooth and transparent. With our commitment to upfront pricing, you'll always have clarity on costs. Your investment in a commercial license is an invaluable step towards a rewarding career on the water.


Explore your potential with confidence using our free calculator, tailored to your progress. Let's navigate your path to success together!

  • Our consultation coincides with the calculator we've developed. It's designed to help you narrow down exactly what you need to gain commercial endorsement. Once submitted, book your consultation at a time that suits you.

    • Discuss the field of work you're looking to get into/purpose of the license

    • Establish which license you need

    • Start booking dates for courses and begin your journey asap

    • Discuss and plan sea time building options if required, and which route is most cost effective

    • And any other questions you may have!

  • Jobs that typically require a commercial boating license include:

    • Boat trip operators

    • Charter fishing boats 

    • Harbour patrol launches

    • Small ferry or water taxis

    • Water sports instructors

    • Construction site safety boats

    • Etc...


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Commercially Endorsed

Advanced Powerboat

Operate in Category 3 waters.

Up to 20 miles from a safe haven.

Day or night passages.

Rough weather.

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